Who will you discover?

The 1921 Census has so much to offer, and there’s something for everyone – but it can seem a bit daunting at first! Read below for a few tips, tricks and bits of trivia to get started, whether you’re a budding family researcher looking to find out a bit more about your (great) grandparents, a seasoned campaigner researching a favourite topic or historical moment, or just looking to find someone famous!

Where can I access the 1921 Census?

A starter for 10 – find out the different ways in which you can view census records here.

Searching the 1921 Census

Our handy guide to census records is a great place to start your research, whatever you’re looking for. Censuses can also be really useful for researching about houses – our guide for house records has all sorts of tips and tricks, as does this blog, written by house historian Melanie Backe-Hansen..

What’s interesting about the 1921 Census?

Aside from the fantastic history that the census documents, the 1921 Census itself has  an intriguing history. Discover more about it here.