Lawmakers and lawbreakers

For all the bills MPs have been passing into law for centuries, there has been those willing to flout, skirt or brazenly violate them – depending on opinion, rightly or wrongly. Shapurji, David and Kate all made their mark on 1920s society, for various reasons, each of them motivated into actions that they felt passionate about – or simply necessary. Click each image or link to find out about the story behind it.

A greyscale illustration of Shapurji Saklatvala, on a pink background. Shapurji is wearing a suit and bow tie, with his right hand placed against his head.Shapurji Saklatvala

The first MP of Indian heritage to win for Labour

Discover Shapurji’s story, and learn about how his efforts to improve the lives of working people and instigate reform unjustly attracted the attention of Government officials.

Meet Shapurji Saklatvala

A greyscale illustration of David Lloyd George, on a pink background. David is smiling, wearing a suit and bow tie.David Lloyd George

Prime Minister and ‘Welsh radical’

As one of the biggest political figures of the 20th century, most people know the name ‘David Lloyd George’; yet there is so much to learn about his fascinating life – read the full story to find out.

Meet David Lloyd George

A black and white pencil portrait illustration of Kate Meyrick, on a pink backgroundKate Meyrick

The ‘Nightclub Queen’ of Soho

Explore the story of Kate Meyrick, whose infamous Club 43 is replicated in our exhibition, ‘The 1920s: Beyond the Roar‘. Kate was something of a legend in her time, but her business methods were not always above board – read her full story to find out why.

Meet Kate Meyrick


What is 20 People of the 20s?

20 People of the 20s is a project where staff members at The National Archives have researched a story of someone from the 1920s. From family members and First World War service personnel, to famous performers and politicians, we hope these stories will encourage you to explore the breadth of experience in 1920s Britain. 20 People of the 20s is part of 20sPeople – our season to mark the release of the 1921 Census, connecting the 1920s and the 2020s.  Find out more here.

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