Our exhibition spaces are now open. You do not need to book to visit, and entry to exhibitions is free (but make sure to check our opening times).

‘The 1920s: Beyond the Roar’ is open from 21 January until 11 June 2022. On the first floor you’ll find the temporary exhibition, ‘[re]Encoding the Archive’, and our permanent exhibition, the replica Cabinet table.

Opening on 21 January 2022, our new on site exhibition lets you step into the world of 1920s Britain and experience what life was really like.

‘[re]Encoding the Archive” is an exhibition of three newly commissioned installations that explore our journey into the Digital Age.

Examine our replica Cabinet table and explore leaders from the past through their documents at this permanent display at The National Archives.

Our ‘With Love’ exhibition in 2020 offered glimpses into private worlds through a collection of love letters spanning 500 years.

‘Protect and Survive’ in 2019 offered a fascinating look at Britain during the Cold War era, exploring life under the persistent threat of nuclear attack.