Travel through time with our family activities!

Our ‘Time Travel Club’ family events are a great way for you and your children to learn and have fun.

From the Tudors to Second World War spies, find out about the fascinating and unique stories that make up the history of our nation. Interact with astonishing original records from our collection. And enjoy creative craft activities.

Time Travel Club

Welcome to the Time Travel Club’s activities to mark an event which happened in 1972 in Uganda, Africa.

The National archives are inviting children and families across the country to participate in Time Travel TV! We have a whole range of videos and activities to bring the archives to your armchair. You will find out about the wonderful treasures that we hold and have the opportunity to do a creative themed craft based on the video you have watched.

Join our Time Travel Craft Club and create your own arts and crafts, inspired by documents in the collection.

How are you spending your summer holidays? Do you prefer to spend your holidays exploring or relaxing? Or perhaps a mixture of both? Will you be visiting friends and family?

Welcome to the Time Travel Club’s activities for Refugee Week, a festival celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees.

Welcome to the Time Travel Club’s activities for British Science Week; a nationwide celebration of science, engineering and maths that is taking place between 5-14 March 2021! When people think about science, an archive probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but behind the scenes we have a team of specialist scientists and conservators whose job it is to look after the materials which make up archive collection, for example parchment, paper and ink.

Welcome to the Time Travel Club’s activities for Arts Award: Discover at Home’ allowing families to engage with the archive and the arts during the pandemic.

Welcome to the Time Travel Club’s special activities for The Big Draw The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Climate of Change’: In 2020 The Big Green Draw Festival #ClimateOfChange focuses on the relationship between people and our living environments and ecosystems; highlighting how we live today and the ways in which we do and do not harmonise with nature.

These letters were the inspiration for children’s contributions to ‘Letters of Lockdown’.