Empire and Industry 1750-1850

The face of Britain is transformed by the industrial revolution but our documents show as many protests as patents. As the British Empire expands so our records grow to cover the furthest corners of the globe.

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19th century prison ships

What do these documents reveal about attitudes to crime and punishment?
Classroom resource

1833 Factory Act

Did it solve the problems of children in factories?
Classroom resource

1834 Poor Law

What did people think of the new Poor Law?
Classroom resource

Bussa’s rebellion

How and why did the enslaved Africans of Barbados rebel in 1816?
Classroom resource

French Revolution

How did the British react to July 1789?
Classroom resource

Selling the Victorians

Victorians for sale! Has advertising changed from Victorian times?
Classroom resource


How did the Abolition Acts of 1807 and 1833 affect the slave trade?
Session we teach

This Evil Trade: Olaudah Equiano and abolition

Can you find evidence that will support Equiano's argument for abolition?