Unboxing the Archive

Unboxing the Archive tells the stories of our collection through individual documents. Each episode features one of our record specialists exploring a key moment or figure from history and how they feature within our collection.

Vicky Iglikowski-Broad introduces FO95/604, the calling card of Chevalier D'eon.

Dr Laura Robson-Mainwaring introduces MH77/84 - correspondence related to the introduction of the NHS.

Dr Dan Gosling introduces E30/1458 and KB27/1073, documents related to the fall of Cardinal Wolsey.

Ralph Thompson introduces PRO 30/55/19 De Galvez's authorisation of Poucha Houmas (3 Oct 1779) and the Carleton Papers, documents related to Colonial America.

Dr Euan Roger introduces series E402 - a collection of Tally Stick sweepings once kept in the Palace of Westminster.

Dr Euan Roger introduces E122/71/4 – a customs account from 1380-1381.

Chris Day, Head of Modern Domestic Records at The National Archives introduces PCOM2/290/63 p249 – the prison record of Joseph Charman.

Dr George Hay introduces WO339/90293 – the Temporary Commission of Walter Tull as an officer in the British Army during the First World War.

Dr George Hay introduces MPI 1/134/19 – an engraving of the events at St Peter’s Field, Manchester in 1819.