What 'treasures' are there at The National Archives?

What to expect in the online workshop:  

In this online workshop your students will investigate what makes a document from the past special or a ‘treasure’. Is it just about being gold and shiny? Could the only surviving document about a Victorian child be more valuable than one of hundreds of images of Elizabeth I?  This session develops skills of observation and enquiry though careful investigation of historical sources, identifying key features such as date, and considering their value.    

The one-hour online session in your classroom is led by an experienced history educator. You only need a microphone, large screen and webcam to take part. It is very interactive with activities that encourage students to discuss their ideas, working in pairs and table groups. We will provide high-quality materials in advance to be used during the session to support your students’ learning and engagement.   

*Note we will adapt the timing of the workshop to fit with your lesson times.

Session options

This session is delivered as a:

Online Workshop

in your classroom

1 hour

Available: All year

Cost: Free to UK schools

Suitability: Key stage 2 (aimed at years 3 – 4)

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