Victorians 1850-1901

The British Empire, crime, punishment, leisure and advertising are all brought to life in our resources which are based on records from the second half of Queen Victoria’s reign.

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Classroom resource

19th century mining disaster

What happened at the Trimdon Grange Mining Disaster?
Classroom resource

19th century people

What can we tell from this photograph?
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4099 is my name (SEND)

How can we share the experiences of someone who lived in the past?

A Great Christmas Inconvenience

What can we learn from the documents about how some Victorians celebrated Christmas?
Classroom resource

A Victorian prison

Why were Victorian Prisons so tough?
Classroom resource

All on board!

What can we learn from old board games?
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Black Victorians

How much can documents reveal about the lives of Black people in Victorian Britain?

Census Detectives

What does the census reveal about families in the past?
Classroom resource

Child migration

Why were children sent to Canada in 1869-1913?
Classroom resource

Coping with Cholera

How did the authorities react in 19th century?
Classroom resource

Criminal petitions

What do they reveal about the justice system?
Classroom resource

Dr James Barry

Why was he significant in 19th century medicine?
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Four days’ hard labour

What was life like for a Victorian child criminal?

Fun in the Files

What can our documents reveal about how people had fun in the past?
Classroom resource

Mental Health on Record

What do the documents reveal about the understanding of mental health in the past?
Classroom resource

Past pleasures

How did the Victorians have fun?
Classroom resource

Rebels in the records

What can we learn from documents that show how people ‘rebelled’ in the past?
Classroom resource

Rob Roy

A Victorian railway accident
Classroom resource

Selling the Victorians

Victorians for sale! Has advertising changed from Victorian times?
Classroom resource

The Boxers of Whitechapel

What do the documents reveal about the inhabitants?
Classroom resource

The South African War

How did the British conduct war in 1899-1902?
Session we teach

Travel smart through time (SEND)

How and why have people travelled around in the past and how have they done it safely?
Classroom resource


What was it like living in a late 19th century mining town?
Classroom resource

Uncovering the past

How can we use photographs to find out about the past?
Classroom resource

Victorian family history

How can we find out about the life of a Victorian child?
Classroom resource

Victorian Health Reform

How did the Victorians view compulsory vaccination?
Classroom resource

Victorian homes

Was there much difference between rich and poor homes?
Classroom resource

Victorian lives

How was life different in Victorian times?
Classroom resource

What is a Jubilee?

What can we find out about Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee?
Classroom resource

What was Chartism?

Political and social reform in 19th century Britain
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How can we find out about what Whitechapel was like in 1888?