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A Great Christmas Inconvenience

What can we learn from the documents about how some Victorians celebrated Christmas?

A Significant Person

Why is this person from the past remembered?

A suffragette and the census

What can you learn from our documents about a person who lived in the 1920s?

All Work and No Play

What does this document reveal about work in the past?

Animals in the Archives

What jobs have animals done in times of war and peace?

Archaeology in the Archives

What kinds of documents can tell us about the work of archaeologists?

Archives Ahoy!

What can we learn about pirates from our collection?

Atlas of Illustrated Feelings

How are you feeling today?

Census Detectives

What does the census reveal about families in the past?

Codes and Secret Messages

What do the documents reveal about codes and secret messages?

Creating an Imaginary Archive

What would you collect?


What is this curious object?

Dear Herbert

What can personal documents reveal about people’s lives?

Disaster at Sea

How can we find out about significant events in the past?

Fun in the Files

What can our documents reveal about how people had fun in the past?

Holidays are Here!

What can our documents reveal about how families enjoyed summer holidays during the Second World War?

Living under canvas

What can this document tell us about the experience of a group of refugee children?


How can art be used to convey a message?

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

What can an object reveal about its owner and life in Medieval England?

The Beautiful Game

What can our documents reveal about an incredible sports match?

The Yellow Bicycle

A story of migration

TTTV: Refugee Week 2021

What can we learn from documents about Basque children’s experiences in refugee camps?

Tudors: Image of a King

How did monarchs present an ‘image’ of themselves in the past?