Postwar 1945-present

Discover Cold War reports from behind the Iron Curtain, find out what it was like to live in Attlee’s Britain or explore documents on Indian Partition.  

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A Significant Person

Why is this person from the past remembered?
Classroom resource

Bound for Britain

Experiences of immigration to the UK
Session we teach

Civil rights and racial segregation

What was the response to racial segregation in the US?
Classroom resource

Civil Rights in America

Follow the progress of the struggle through the archives
Session we teach

Cold War

How concerned were the British in the early stages of the Cold War?
Classroom resource

Fifties Britain

Never so good? Or too good to be true?

Fun in the Files

What can our documents reveal about how people had fun in the past?
Session we teach

Independent research

Do you need help with your independent research?
Classroom resource

Mangrove Nine protest

What does this reveal about police brutality and racism in 70s Britain?
Classroom resource

Sixties Britain

A social and cultural revolution?
Session we teach

The Mangrove Nine

How much can documents from The National Archives reveal about the Mangrove Nine?
Session we teach

Travel smart through time (SEND)

How and why have people travelled around in the past and how have they done it safely?
Classroom resource

World Cup 1966

Did England rig the result?