Second World War 1939-1945

Our records cover the history of the Second World War including the roles of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. Find out more about the Holocaust and life on the Home Front.

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Classroom resource

Adolf Hitler

Was Hitler a 'passionate lunatic'?

Animals in the Archives

What jobs have animals done in times of war and peace?
Classroom resource

Belsen concentration camp 1945

What did the British find when they entered Belsen concentration camp?
Classroom resource

British Response to V1 and V2

How did Britain respond to the threat of attack by missiles in 1943?

Codes and Secret Messages

What do the documents reveal about codes and secret messages?
Classroom resource

Convincing the Colonies

How did Britain try to keep the support of the people of West Africa?

Dear Herbert

What can personal documents reveal about people’s lives?
Classroom resource

Evacuation to Shropshire

What was it like in the Second World War?

Gordon Ford’s story

What was it like to be an airman in World War Two?
Classroom resource

Government posters

How did Britain encourage people at home to help win the war?
Classroom resource

Hitler assassination plan

How did the British plan to kill Hitler?

Holidays are Here!

What can our documents reveal about how families enjoyed summer holidays during the Second World War?


How can art be used to convey a message?
Session we teach

Propaganda and the art of war

How did the British government encourage people to support the war?
Classroom resource

The Holocaust

Key documents from The National Archives
Session we teach

The Holocaust

What can British government documents tell us about what happened in the Holocaust?
Classroom resource

The Home Front

How did people prepare for the war at home?