Interwar 1918-1939

Study records relating to the rise of dictators, the failure of international diplomacy and Britain’s preparations for the Second World War. Discover more about life in 1930s Britain including unemployment, slum clearance and leisure.

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Classroom resource

Adolf Hitler

Was Hitler a 'passionate lunatic'?

Archaeology in the Archives

What kinds of documents can tell us about the work of archaeologists?
Classroom resource

Chamberlain and Hitler 1938

What was Chamberlain trying to do?
Session we teach

Choosing for the Archives (SEND)

How can we find out about someone from the past, using documents, images and objects?
Classroom resource

Eden’s last stand

Why did Anthony Eden resign in 1938?

Living under canvas

What can this document tell us about the experience of a group of refugee children?
Classroom resource

Twenties Britain (part one)

Decade of conflict, realignment and change?
Classroom resource

Twenties Britain (part two)

Decade of conflict, realignment and change?