The Holocaust

What can British government documents tell us about what happened in the Holocaust?

In this thought-provoking onsite workshop students investigate the Holocaust using a range of original documents, from a Foreign Office telegram about Kristallnacht, to a map of Auschwitz drawn by a survivor of the camp. Pupils have to consider what documents we hold in the British Government Archive and why. This workshop develops students’ skills at assessing the usefulness and limitations of historical documents, while addressing misconceptions and provoking discussion.

The two-hour workshop is led by an experienced history educator in an inspiring learning space at The National Archives in Kew. Students view a range of original documents including illustrations from a survivor of a concentration camp and photographs taken inside the Warsaw ghetto.

This workshop is aimed at Key Stage 3 students who have begun learning about the Holocaust.

Connections to the curriculum: History

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at The National Archives

2 hours

Availability: All year

Cost: Free to UK schools

Suitability: Key stage 3

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