Migrants to Britain

What can government documents reveal about the experience of Indian seafarers?

What to expect in the onsite workshop:  

In the onsite workshop, students will explore the lives of several Indian seafarers, known as lascars, through investigating a variety of documents. They will uncover details of worldwide travel, the range of jobs undertaken and the impact of legislation such as the 1920 Alien’s Order. They will gather evidence about themes such as migration, identity, challenges and agency.  

The two-hour workshop is led by an experienced history educator in an inspiring learning space at The National Archives in Kew. Students develop skills in working with a range of original documents including passport applications, letters, and photographs. They will consider the provenance and usefulness of these sources when looking for evidence of the experience of six different Indian seafarers. 

What to expect in the online workshop:  

In the online workshop in your classroom students will investigate the lives of three Indian seafarers, known as lascars, by exploring a series of documents. This session develops skills in working with original documents, such as passport applications, letters, and photographs. 

 The one-hour online session in your classroom is led by an experienced history educator, you only need a microphone, large screen and webcam to take part. Interactive activities encourage students to discuss their ideas and work in groups using high-quality materials provided in advance by the Education team.   

*Note we will adapt the timing of the workshop to fit with your lesson times.    

Session options

This session is delivered as a:


at The National Archives

2 hours

Online Workshop

in your classroom

1 hour

Available:  All year.

Cost:  Free to UK schools

Suitability: Key stage 3-4

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