Political and social reform

Our ‘Curriculum Topics’ use the phrasing of the National Curriculum to help you find content that can be used to teach each individual module. Our taught sessions and online resources cover a variety of time periods and places. Many contain structured investigations for use directly in the classroom. Others are more suited for research and preparation. They all allow access into our unique collections.

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1919 race riots

How significant a factor was race in the riots of 1919?
Classroom resource

19th century mining disaster

What happened at the Trimdon Grange Mining Disaster?
Classroom resource

Cats and mice

What tactics were used by suffragettes, police and government?
Classroom resource

Cold War on File

Why did the Cold War emerge?
Classroom resource

Coping with Cholera

How did the authorities react in 19th century?
Classroom resource

Discover the Dissolution

How did the Dissolution change my local area?
Classroom resource

Foundling Hospital

What were conditions like for children in the care of the Foundling Hospital?
Classroom resource

From Outbreak to Archive: Tales of Public Health

What do the documents reveal about how government and society dealt with public health in the past?
Classroom resource

Holding History

What is 'The National Archives'?
Classroom resource

Mangrove Nine protest

What does this reveal about police brutality and racism in 70s Britain?
Classroom resource

Mental Health on Record

What do the documents reveal about the understanding of mental health in the past?

Samuel Pepys

What does his will reveal?
Session we teach


How can we find out about suffragettes and the reactions to their methods?
Classroom resource

Suffragettes ‘in Trousers’

How did men support votes for women?
Classroom resource

Victorian Health Reform

How did the Victorians view compulsory vaccination?
Session we teach


How can we find out about what Whitechapel was like in 1888?
Classroom resource

Women and the English Civil Wars

How did these conflicts affect their lives?
Classroom resource

Workhouse Voices

What did paupers say about the Poor Law?
Classroom resource

Workhouse Voices Creative Writing

Stories inspired by letters from the past