Mapping Caribbean Migration

2023 marks 75 years since HMT Empire Windrush docked and its passengers, mostly from the Caribbean, disembarked at Tilbury, Essex. This moment has come to symbolise the wider history of migration to Britain.

Mapping passenger journeys gives a unique insight into individual migration stories and migration patterns. This new website uses passenger lists held at The National Archives to gain greater understanding about migration from the Caribbean to Britain by the so called Windrush generation through a series of interactive maps. The Empire Windrush was not the first post-war ship to bring passengers from the Caribbean. These maps focus on the journeys of the Empire Windrush and its post-war predecessors the Ormonde and the Almanzora, which docked in 1947.

The passenger lists act as a gateway into the individual migration stories of post-war Caribbean migrants. These maps help us understand more about their journeys and their intended onward stays. Find out more about our work on migration to Britain on our Windrush 75 portal.

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