Safeguarding the nation’s digital memory: Towards a Bayesian model of digital preservation risk (article)

Preservation of digital material is a challenge for which many archives feel underprepared and ill equipped. The National Archives (UK) has been working in collaboration with statisticians from the University of Warwick and partners from across the UK archives sector to develop a decision-support system which quantifies the risks involved in digital preservation.

Through interdisciplinary collaboration, this partnership has developed an interactive tool for managing risks to digital material, based on a Bayesian statistical network. The tool provides archivists with a different way of thinking about digital preservation, supported by an evidence base they can use to advocate for action. The project illustrates the potential benefit of a collaborative approach, combining insight from different disciplines.

Funded by: This work was supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund under project reference number OM-19-01060; The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under grant EP/R511808/1; and The National Archives (UK).

Publisher link: Safeguarding the nation’s digital memory: towards a Bayesian model of digital preservation risk: Archives and Records: Vol 42, No 1 (