Exploring Remote and Hybrid Engagement

Over the last three years, a number of factors – including sustainability and accessibility concerns and the COVID-19 pandemic – have driven an increased demand for remote and hybrid academic engagement in cultural heritage. Despite this, there has been no rigorous research into remote and hybrid engagement strategies within the GLAMA sector (galleries, libraries, archives, museums and academia), and there is no accepted best practice for engaging audiences across these spaces.

The Academic Engagement Team at The National Archives is undertaking a targeted study of practice in the GLAMA sector and is seeking volunteer participants to support this project.

Volunteer participants

We are seeking project participants working in galleries, libraries, archives, museums and higher education who are in an academic engagement role, or who have direct experience of leading academic engagement strategy and/or delivering academic engagement activity including conferences and other events. Participation in the project will involve:

  1. A semi-structured interview with a member of the project team to explore current remote and hybrid engagement strategies and practice.
  2. Optional participation in a workshop with other stakeholders from the GLAMA sector exploring barriers and opportunities in remote and hybrid engagement, and co-developing recommendations for best practice.

Interviews will take place between October and November 2022, and workshops will take place on 24 January, 7 and 21 February 2023. We recognise that individuals and teams are extremely busy and will conduct both the interviews and workshops remotely to minimise disruption to other work and to enable participation in as flexible a way as possible.

This is a new area of research which will benefit a large number of organisations in the GLAMA sector and help colleagues inform their remote and hybrid engagement activity. Any colleagues participating in the interview or workshops will be given access to the end of project report. Information gathered at the interview stage will be used anonymously in accordance with a participation agreement, and the workshops will be run under Chatham House rules.

We welcome participation in either the interviews, workshops, or both aspects of the project and are seeking the widest range of participants possible including different sizes of organisation from across the UK.

We would like to hear from colleagues delivering different types of academic engagement activity, whatever the audience size and reach. Remote engagement activity might include webinars and other online events, Twitter conferences or other social media takeovers, or pre-recorded videos and other asynchronous content. Hybrid engagement activity includes events which aim for an equitable experience for the in-person and remote audience, rather than simply live streaming an in-person talk or workshop.

While we are predominantly interested in remote and hybrid academic engagement activity, we would also like to hear from you if this is something your organisation has chosen to avoid, or if remote and hybrid engagement is beyond the capacity of your organisation or team.

If you have any questions about the project and/or would like to participate, please contact research@nationalarchives.gov.uk.