Our publication scheme

The Freedom of Information Act requires us to adopt a publication scheme. The purpose of this is to ensure specific categories of information are regularly and routinely made available without the need to contact us.

We are committed to transparency and we aim to make openness and accountability a fundamental principle of how we operate. We therefore publish online additional information that we consider would be of use to the public and those that use our services.

If you are unable to locate the information you are interested in within this scheme or on our website please contact us.

1. Who we are and what we do

Information relating to how we function, how we were formed, how to contact us and details about our staff.

We are also governed by the following legislation and instruments:

2. What we spend and how we spend it

How we spend public money and the financial information we submit to Treasury.

3. Strategic planning and priorities

Transfer of records, reclosure of records and Freedom of information data

Records transferred from local bodies (such as magistrates courts, prisons, corners courts or NHS bodies) and records transferred from government departments under the 20-year rule.

Other strategic reports

4. How we make decisions

Information relating to how we make decisions and how those decisions are recorded.

Other Panel, committee and board meeting minutes

5. Policies, performance and projects

How we carry out our work and how well we perform

6. Lists and registers

Information relating to lists and registers maintained by The National Archives

  • Register of interests of Executive team members. Any conflict of interest is discussed at Executive team meetings and recorded within the meeting minutes.
  • Register of gifts and hospitality. Information relating to any gift or offer of hospitality made to our staff over the value of £20. This information is not currently available for download. Use the Freedom of Information (FOI) enquiry service to request a copy of this register. Please note some personal data of junior members of staff may be redacted.

7. Services we offer to the public

This section looks at the services we currently provide, information about our collections, our fees and charges, documents delivered to the public, and further advice and guidance for our users.