Our plans

Here you can find our plans and long-term strategic priorities over the next four years. We will update this annually to let you know the latest developments and how we are progressing.

Archives for Everyone 2019-23

Archives are for everyone because they are about everyone – past, present and future.

See our business plan – Archives for Everyone 2019-23.

Find out more about our plans

Our Digital Strategy 2017-19 lays out our plans to become a digital archive by instinct and design.

Archives Inspire the World shows how we hope to work with collaborators worldwide to drive the development of an exciting future for archives on a global scale.

Our priorities

We have published the business priorities for 2019–20, which set out how we plan to deliver against our Archives for Everyone business plan.

You can find our priorities for 2018–19, and how we performed, in our most recent annual report and accounts.

Our Transparency pages contain more information about how we spend public money.

Plans from previous years

Our strategic plans for previous years are no longer current documents, but you can still access versions for reference. Find them in the UK Government Web Archive.