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The Council meets quarterly. However, because the remit of the Advisory Council on National Records and Archives (ACNRA) was extended by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to cover the giving of advice on the application of the Freedom of Information Act to public records which are historical records (those over 30 years old), small panels are required to meet several times a year and then report to the next full meeting.

Access to information considered at meetings

The Advisory Council on National Records and Archives (ACNRA) recognises the public interest in access to information about its constitution, its work, and the advice it gives to the Secretary of State including the reasons for that advice. It also recognises, however, the public interest in maintaining the confidentiality of some of its information and of the advice that it gives.

Some of the work of the ACNRA is confidential and appropriate exemptions may apply under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. For example, where the disclosure of some information may damage the international relations of the UK with another country or may prejudice the effective conduct of public affairs.

In keeping with the Information Commissioner’s Model Publication Scheme, the ACNRA is expected to publish minutes and agendas of the quarterly ACNRA meetings along with background documents referred to in agendas.

The meetings of the ACNRA are not public meetings because of the sensitive nature of some of the information discussed.

The ACNRA is not obliged to publish information, which would be exempt under the Freedom of Information Act, Environmental Information Regulations or the Data Protection Act. Information that is exempt and cannot be published in full, such as minutes or agendas, will be published in summary form where possible.


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