Freedom of information requests

Corporate Freedom of Information requests

We have disclosed the requests we receive for information from our own corporate records. For each entry we show the request, whether or not it was successful, and any information we provided.

View the information requests we have received and our responses.

Freedom of Information statistics

On average The National Archives receives around 10% of all Freedom of Information requests made to more than 40 monitored government bodies (source: GOV.UK).

FOI statistics for government and monitored bodies are gathered by Cabinet Office and these figures on FOI performance are published quarterly across the calendar year. These can be found on GOV.UK.

The National Archives had previously committed to publish FOI figures under a financial year timeframe, which had required us to produce additional figures on our Transparency pages and also in our Annual Report. From April 2021, The National Archives will now provide a link to the Cabinet Office statistics, published each quarter, to avoid confusion between the publication of two sets of differing figures.