Our performance

You can read our annual report below to find out how we performed during 2014-15 and to see our accounts.

You can also see annual reports from previous years and the results from our latest staff engagement survey.

Annual report and accounts 2014-15

Download the annual report 2014-15 (PDF, 17.20 MB)

Download an accessible spreadsheet of our core financial tables for 2014-15 (XLS, 0.06 MB)

In our annual report we describe our work over the past year and explain how we used the funds allocated to us. This year’s annual report also marks the completion of our previous four-year business plan, For the Record. For Good.

Our achievements during 2014-15 included:

  • delivering over 640,000 physical records to our users in our reading rooms at Kew
  • providing more than 200 million records to online users (through our online services and those of our licensed associates)
  • retaining the government’s Customer Service Excellence standard for the 16th consecutive year
  • a ten-part BBC television series featuring The National Archives records
  • the launch of Transforming Archives, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, a traineeship programme for the next generation of archivists
  • the launch of ‘Magna Carta: the emergence of Parliament‘, an interactive educational resource developed in partnership with UK Parliament
  • the cross-sector collaborative conference, Discovering Communities, Discovering Collections in October at Birmingham Library, run in partnership with Research Libraries UK, and supported by JISC, Arts Council England, and the University of Birmingham Cadbury Research Library
  • partnering with universities across the UK to deliver collaborative doctoral partnerships
  • the completion of our largest conservation exercise of an 18th-century map of Prince Edward Island, in preparation for display at a major exhibition in Canada
  • the largest response to our Accessions to Repositories survey, which collects information about new records in archives UK-wide
  • 26 archive services accredited as part of the Archive Service Accreditation scheme
  • meeting or exceeding all of the Greening Government Commitment targets
  • improving our performance on the civil service staff engagement survey (below) and retaining our status as a high-performing organisation

Annual report and accounts 2011 to 2014

Download the annual report 2013-14 (PDF, 6.39 MB)

Download the annual report 2012-13 (PDF, 2.65 MB)

Download the annual report 2011-12 (PDF, 2.43 MB)

Summary of public records transmitted to The National Archives

This report is produced annually. It provides a summary of the public records transmitted to The National Archives from various sources. It gives a brief description for each piece, including the dates covered.

Download the accessioning report for 2014-15 (PDF, 0.45 MB)

Download the accessioning report for 2013-14 (PDF, 0.45 MB)

Download the accessioning report for 2012-13 (PDF, 0.14 MB)

Download the accessioning report for 2011-12 (PDF, 0.11 MB)

Exercise of delegated powers conferred on the Lord Chancellor by the Public Records Act 1958

This report is produced annually. It gives details on how The National Archives has exercised particular powers delegated to our Chief Executive and Keeper by the Lord Chancellor.

Download the exercise of delegated powers report for 2014-15 (PDF, 0.01 MB)

Download the exercise of delegated powers report for 2013-14 (PDF, 0.09 MB)

Download the exercise of delegated powers report for 2012-13 (PDF, 0.09 MB)

Download the exercise of delegated powers report for 2011-12 (PDF, 0.03 MB)

These documents provide information on:

  • approval given for the transfer of public records between The National Archives and places of deposit, in either direction
  • the appointment of approved places of deposit for public records with specific local relevance or particular specialist and administrative requirements, which are held outside The National Archives
  • approval given for the presentation of public records that have not been selected for permanent preservation at The National Archives to other appropriate bodies

Staff engagement survey

Read the results of our staff engagement survey on the staff page in the Transparency section.

Reports from previous years

See reports and appendices from previous years in the UK Government Web Archive.