Collections strategies


We are leading and supporting collection development strategies for specific themes and formats of information across the archive sector. These have been identified as significant areas with gaps in collecting, cataloguing and access to collections, or issues of sustainability.

This work will help to ensure that key records of events, the lives and activities of individuals and communities, and of public, private and charitable organisations are:

  • being kept
  • being preserved efficiently and effectively
  • made easily available and widely accessible

We work together with:

  • archivists, records creators and records managers
  • archive services and repositories
  • professional bodies and relevant experts

The collection and preservation of born-digital records and other specialist information formats will be part of many of these collection strategies, helping to tackle challenges including complex multimedia formats and risks to digital and digitised collections.

Collection development strategies

We are currently involved in:

We have been recently involved in collection development strategies as follows:

National Collections Strategy

The National Collections Strategy outlines the aims and principles of our approach.

National Collections Strategy (PDF, 0.08MB)