Tenders and contracts

As part of the transparency agenda, the government has made the following commitments with regard to procurement and contracting:

  • All new central government ICT contracts over the value of £10,000 are to be published in full and online from July 2010
  • All new central government tender documents for contracts over £10,000 are to be published on a single website, with this information to be made available to the public free of charge
  • All new central government contracts are to be published in full from January 2011

Suppliers and those organisations looking to bid for contracts from The National Archives should be aware that, if they are awarded a new contract, the resulting contract will be published. In some circumstances, limited redactions will be made to some contracts before they are published in order to comply with existing law and for the protection of national security.

Details of central government tenders and contracts, including those for The National Archives, will be published on Contracts Finder.

Contracts Finder is the government’s single platform for providing access to public procurement related information and documentation free of charge.