Major improvement works to our building

A view of the 1970s part of The National Archives' building

We have started work to replace the repository windows on the second, third and fourth floors of the 1970s part of The National Archives’ building. The work is due to be completed in early 2025 and will ensure we continue to protect and conserve our collections.

Our existing aluminium double-glazed windows are now over 40 years old; they have outlived their life expectancy and it is time to replace them.

The replacement of the windows will improve the environmental conditions of the repositories contributing to the long-term preservation of our collection, as well as being more energy efficient (in keeping with our sustainability plans) and therefore potentially saving money.

The new windows will not alter how our building looks.

Most of the work will be completed within normal opening hours which means there could be some disruption for visitors and staff as the work is likely to be noisy.

Thank you for your support and understanding during these major improvement works to our site.