Cabinet Office files from 2000-2002 released

Today we have released Cabinet Office files (PREM 49) covering the period 2000-2002.  

The newly released files shed light on a range of subjects both at home and abroad under Tony Blair’s leadership.   

Some examples of files being released include:  

PREM 49/2352 USA. UK/US relations. This file contains a range of material in the wake of the Presidential election in late 2000, and the victory of George W. Bush. 

PREM 49/1760 CABINET. Cabinet meetings: part 1. This file contains discussions about a Cabinet away day in September 1998. 

PREM 49/1811 DISASTERS. Policy: part 4. This file contains a variety of letters of condolence from across the world, following the Paddington Rail Disaster and the Selby Rail Disaster. Material relating to discussions between the Prime Minister and Nelson Mandela about the Lockerbie bombing is also covered. 

Also included are files covering UK relations with other countries such as China, Japan, France, and South Africa.   

Read more about the release in our latest blog.

The files are available to view in the public reading rooms at The National Archives and you can browse from today using our catalogue, Discovery.

170 of the files have been digitised and can be viewed below:

You can also find out more about previous file releases.  

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