Training provider announced for the Level 7 Archivist apprenticeship

The National Archives is delighted to announce that Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) will be the first provider to run the off-the-job training for the Level 7 Archivist and Records Manager apprenticeship, meaning that apprentices will be able to start this autumn. Apprentices will spend 20% of their time completing formal learning with a training provider such as WAES, while the other 80% of apprentices’ time will be dedicated to on-the-job training at the archives that employ them.

The Level 7 apprenticeship will open up an exciting new technical training route into the archives sector and will be equivalent to the Master’s degree typically required to become an archivist. By combining formal learning and on-the-job training, apprentices will achieve a high-level qualification over 3 years while working and earning. This opportunity will enable a wider range of people to join the recordkeeping profession.

Jeff James, Chief Executive and Keeper of The National Archives, said:

‘We are pleased that Westminster Adult Education Service will be a training provider for the Level 7 apprenticeship, enabling this vital programme to launch before the end of the year. These apprenticeships will help the sector welcome new people, each with their own perspectives, ideas and skills, so that we can collectively preserve and showcase our nation’s invaluable archival collections.’

Westminster Adult Education Service provides high-quality education and training programmes to help people advance in their careers and is already a training provider for the Level 3 Libraries, Information and Archive Services apprenticeship. The service is well-known for its inclusive adult education programmes and how it enables learners to meet the skill gaps needed by industry, now and in the future.

Gail Isaac, Head of Apprenticeships at Westminster Adult Education Service, said:

‘We are delighted to be working with The National Archives and employers within the sector to deliver the Level 7 Archivist and Records Manager Apprenticeship. We are passionate about enabling people from all backgrounds to enter roles or gain promotion in the workplace via the apprenticeship route whilst supporting archival collections across England to prosper. We are excited to start working with employers to put together delivery models that meet the needs of both apprentices and employers.’

In advance of the first apprentices starting this autumn, WAES will be working closely with The National Archives and the Archives and Records Association to finalise the training curriculum. The training curriculum will ensure that apprentices meet the apprenticeship standard, which was created by a trailblazer group from across the sector and approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE).

Andrew Nicoll, Chair of the Archives & Records Association, said:

‘We are delighted that Westminster Adult Education Service has been appointed training provider for the Level 7 ARM apprenticeship. This provides a new career route that the sector has been asking for. It offers a credible alternative to the established academic route, allowing employers to address a range of key recruitment challenges, including diversifying their existing staff teams.’

WAES will also collaborate with CILIP Pathways, who were appointed last year as the end-point assessment organisation for the apprenticeships, so that apprentices have a smooth journey from learning through to assessment and qualification.

Jo Cornish, Director of CILIP Pathways, said:

‘As the leading provider of apprenticeship assessment for the sector, CILIP Pathways is thrilled to see this apprenticeship added to the suite of standards available. There is a strong and growing appetite for technical pathways into the profession. We look forward to providing the end-point assessment for the apprentices.’

Although WAES is based in London, the service will be training apprentices from archives across the country to help develop the national workforce. Other training providers are also welcome to join the Level 7 apprenticeship at any point.

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