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We offer a wide range of workshops at The National Archives in Kew in our purpose-built classroom, giving groups an exciting opportunity to work directly with real documents.

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Cholera: from ‘great stink’ to safe to drink?

What impact did the environment have on people’s health in the 19th century?
Session we teach

Civil rights and racial segregation

What was the response to racial segregation in the US?
Session we teach

Cold War

How concerned were the British in the early stages of the Cold War?
Session we teach

Crime in Whitechapel

Why was 19th century Whitechapel so difficult to police?
Session we teach

Crisis in the reign of Mary I

How far can Mary I’s reign be considered a time of crisis?
Session we teach

Dissolution of the monasteries

How far was money the motivating factor in the dissolution of the monasteries?
Session we teach

Domesday Book: medieval treasure

What can we learn about people’s lives in 1086?
Session we teach

Easter Rising: Tales of the Rebellion

What do the documents reveal about the Easter Rising?
Session we teach

Elizabeth I in her own words

What can learn about Elizabeth’s style of ruling?
Session we teach

Enquiring into Elizabeth

What were the issues faced by England’s most famous Tudor Queen?
Session we teach

Four days’ hard labour

What was life like for a Victorian child criminal?
Session we teach

From the Front

How typical was Albert Edwin Rippington’s experience of war?
Session we teach

Henry VIII: image of a king

Was appearance everything for a ruler in the 16th century?
Session we teach

Independent research

Do you need help with your independent research?
Session we teach

Propaganda and the art of war

How did the British government encourage people to support the war?
Session we teach

Treasures from the past: the Victorians (SEN)

What can we discover about a person from the past?
Session we teach

Tudor rebellions

How seriously did they challenge the authority of the crown?