Great Fire of London: examine the evidence

How can we know what happened back in 1666?

What to expect in the onsite workshop:

In the onsite workshop students get the chance to view original documents dating back to 1666, in order to develop their skills in evidential understanding and how to study a significant event beyond living memory. For instance students investigate questions like ‘how do we know Thomas Farriner was a baker and lived on Pudding Lane?’

The one and a half hour workshop is led by an experienced history educator in an inspiring learning space at The National Archives in Kew. The session uses a combination of dynamic group work and storytelling.


What to expect in the online workshop:

In the online workshop in your classroom students will investigate how we know what happened in the Great Fire of London using three historical documents. This session develops skills in evidential understanding and studying a significant event beyond living memory.

The one-hour online session in your classroom is led by an experienced history educator, you only need a microphone, large screen and webcam to take part. The session is highly interactive, with frequent discussions, class voting and storytelling.


This workshop supports schools focusing on significant events beyond living memory. It also has a focus on spoken English.

Connections to the curriculum: History, English (spoken language).

Available as: Workshop or online workshop. Find out more about the types of session we offer.

Session options

This session is delivered as a:


at The National Archives

1.5 hours

Online workshop

in your classroom

45 minutes

Available: All year

Cost: Free to UK schools

Suitability: Key stage 1

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