Choosing for the Archives (SEND)

How can we find out about someone from the past, using documents, images and objects?

A student, supported by two adults, is wrapped in a large printed sheet representing a document.

A student in our workshop

In this interactive session, your students explore the life of Windrush passenger Sam King who became the first black mayor of Southwark. Using documents from the archives, images and sensory storytelling, they follow Sam from his childhood in Jamaica, through the Second World War to his life and career in London.

Students then think about how stories like Sam’s are preserved in The National Archives and choose what they would like to add to the archive box.

This session is suitable for students with ASC, MLD, SLD and PMLD, and is available at The National Archives or at your school.

Please contact us to find out more information about the session and how we can meet your students’ needs.

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Session options

This session is delivered as a:


at The National Archives


in your classroom

Available: Flexible dates to be arranged to suit both your school and our SEND practitioner.

Cost: Free to UK schools

Suitability: Students with ASC, MLD, SLD and PMLD

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