Medicine on the Western Front

How can we find out about medical treatment in the First World War?

Using original documents, from medical cards completed in the trenches to army service records, students explore fascinating personal stories from the First World War. This workshop develops students’ skills at selecting sources for particular historical enquiries. Students will investigate diverse experiences including a soldier with gas poisoning and a nurse suffering the psychological effects of working in a hospital.

Connections to the Curriculum:

  • AQA GCSE History: Conflict and tension: the First World War, 1894–1918 The Western Front: military tactics and technology, including trench warfare
  • Edexcel GCSE History: Medicine in Britain, c1250 present and The British sector of the Western Front, 1914 18.
  • OCR GCSE History: War and British Society c.790 to c.2010: The First World War: the beginnings of ‘total war’, including the impact on people’s lives.
  • Edexcel GCE ‘A’ level History: British Experience of Warfare c1760-1918: Trench warfare on the Western Front 1914-1918

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Cost: Free to UK schools

Suitability: Key stage 4 & 5

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