Spotlight On

Spotlight On is a series of video guides, each based on an individual collection held at The National Archives.

In each video, a specialist presenter introduces one of our collections and highlights a document from it connected to the history curriculum for Key Stage 3/4/5. Alongside each video, you can download an image of the featured document with a transcript and complete tasks connected to the content to support your studies in this area.

These guides are not just for students, teachers or researchers. We hope that anyone who wants to find out more about our exciting collections at The National Archives will enjoy them. There will be more to follow in the series as we ‘spotlight’ other records at The National Archives. 

Collections expert Rose Mitchell looks at an example from our collection of maps.

Collections expert Jessica Nelson looks at Domesday Book in our Exchequer collection.

Collections expert Paul Dryburgh introduces the Chancery series and explores a Fine Roll of Henry III.

Collections expert Katherine Howells introduces two records from the copyright office collection.

Collections expert Christopher Day introduces two plans from the Office of Works collection.

Collections expert Sean Cunningham looks at a ballad relating to the Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536-7.