Document 1: Image Description

Gordon rioters are shown in front of Newgate prison. Flames are pouring from the central façade of the prison, a man on a ladder holds up a torch and a hammer. The foreground is crowded with figures. There are three ‘No Popery’ flags. A man on horseback (right) addresses the mob with a drawn sword, he says ‘Courage my boys this is for the glory of the good old Cause’. Released prisoners (on right) in irons are talking and drinking with young women. On the left a smith removes the irons from a prisoner. A person of colour wields an axe, another carries a large box. On the left a man is holding pamphlets titled ‘England in Blood’, ‘The Scourge’, and ‘The Thunderer’. These were pamphlets directed against the Government, the King and Lord Mansfield. A man stands on a platform holding up a sword and a paper titled ‘Death or Liberty & No Popery’. The keys of the prison are held up on a pitchfork. A man rings a handbell. A man (left) sits on the box-seat of a coach waving his hat. A woman pushes a drunken man in a wheelbarrow. ‘A released prisoner in irons is carried on a man’s shoulders, he waves his hat, calling ‘No Popery d—m my eyes’. Almost all the men wear ribbons in their hats, the blue ribbon of the Protestant Association. 10 July 1781 Etching with engraving.

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