Information Assurance


Security Policy Framework, Cabinet Office

Cyber security and insider threat resources

10 steps to cyber security, BIS

The National Cyber Security Centre

Security top tips, BCS

Cyber research and guides, CPNI

HoMER tool, CPNI

Risk and information risk guidance

The Orange Book, HM Treasury

Cyber risk management, a board level responsibility, BIS

Cyber risk, The Insititute of Risk Management

Risk guides, The Institute of Risk Management

Cyber Security and Information Risk Guidance for Audit Committees, National Audit Office


We release a quarterly newsletter covering all the latest in the world of information assurance and cyber security with a specific focus on the public sector.

We welcome contributions from readers and have contributions from, for example, Cabinet Office, CPNI, National Cyber Security Centre, BEIS, the British Council and the National Institute of Health Research.

If you would like to receive the newsletter or to contribute please email us your details.

Useful links

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Information Commissioners Office

Guidance on GDPR from the ICO

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT UK)

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