Information Management Assessment programme

Our Information Management Assessment (IMA) programme provides public sector bodies with an independent assessment of how well they are managing their information and mitigating related risks.

The IMA promotes a self-assessment first approach, and provides the following tools and resources:

  • The S46 Code Self-Assessment: This tool enables organisations assess their compliance with the S46 Code of Practice on Information and Records Management.
  • The S46 Practice Study: The study provides examples of good practice in information management to highlight approaches that meet the requirements of the S46 Code of Practice.
  • The M365 and Google Maturity Models: These models provide organisations with a framework for assessing their maturity in managing information in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
  • The Non-Corporate Communications Channels (NCCCs) for Government Business Self-Assessment: this tool assists central government departments and arm’s length bodies in self-assessing their approach to the cross-government guidance on using non-corporate communications channels for government business.

Please Note: All tools are currently offered in an ‘assisted Self-Assessment’ format to public sector bodies. See below for more information on the tools and the service that The National Archives offers.

Working with government to raise standards in information management.

As part of the Information Management Assessment programme, TNA has developed the S46 Code Self-Assessment tool (the Self-Assessment) to assess public sector bodies’ understanding of their responsibilities and overall compliance with the requirements outlined in Part Two of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Section 46 Code of Practice (the Code) (Managing Information and Records).

For IMA participants, TNA recommends the use of the following tools and resources to assess their information management practices and organisational capabilities.