Policy and process

To realise the value of your information you need a combination of policies, process, tools and technology that take account of legislative and business requirements.

To help you to ensure your valuable digital information remains usable over time, we offer a catalogue of guidance, training, and a free file profiling tool called DROID.

This guidance looks at how you can manage electronic records in the absence of any supporting infrastructure such as an electronic record management system (ERMS).

Emails are an important part of the corporate record for all organisations – find out what you need to consider.

Private Offices produce important records that need to be managed in accordance with the Public Records Act. The National Archives and Cabinet Office has produced guidance on how manage records created by Private Offices and the offices of Permanent Secretaries.

The laws of England and Wales place obligations upon departments and The National Archives for the collection, disposal and preservation of records.

Sir Alex Allan’s review Sir Alex Allan is a senior civil servant who is currently the Prime Minister’s independent adviser on ministerial standards.

From 2016, public bodies will begin to transfer born-digital records, which are those records created originally in digital formats such as emails, documents and spreadsheets.