Diverse histories

Our ‘Curriculum Topics’ use the phrasing of the National Curriculum to help you find content that can be used to teach each individual module. Our taught sessions and online resources cover a variety of time periods and places. Many contain structured investigations for use directly in the classroom. Others are more suited for research and preparation. They all allow access into our unique collections.

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Classroom resource

1919 race riots

How significant a factor was race in the riots of 1919?

A Significant Person

Why is this person from the past remembered?
Classroom resource

African nurses

What part did they play in British health services?

Archaeology in the Archives

What kinds of documents can tell us about the work of archaeologists?

Archives Live: Windrush 75

Special live event from The National Archives
Session we teach

Black Victorians

How much can documents reveal about the lives of Black people in Victorian Britain?
Classroom resource

Bulaya Chanda

What do these documents reveal about Bulaya Chanda, soldier and ‘showman’?
Classroom resource

Bussa’s rebellion

How and why did the enslaved Africans of Barbados rebel in 1816?
Classroom resource

Capturing our Collections

Artworks inspired by documents found in The National Archives
Session we teach

Civil rights and racial segregation

What was the response to racial segregation in the US?
Classroom resource

Civil Rights in America

Follow the progress of the struggle through the archives
Classroom resource

Commonwealth migration since 1945

What was the context and impact of migration in modern Britain?
Session we teach

Hidden Love: LGBTQ+ lives in the 1920s and 1930s

What can our documents reveal about LGBTQ+ lives in the 1920 and 30s?
Classroom resource

Holding History

What is 'The National Archives'?
Classroom resource

Jews in England 1066

Why did Jews settle in England after 1066?
Classroom resource

Jews in England 1290

Why did Edward I expel the Jews in 1290?
Classroom resource

LGBTQ+ Rights in Britain

How have changes in laws and attitudes affected LGBTQ+ people in Britain?

Living under canvas

What can this document tell us about the experience of a group of refugee children?
Classroom resource

Mangrove Nine protest

What does this reveal about police brutality and racism in '70s Britain?
Classroom resource

May Fourth Movement 1919

Why did the Paris Peace Conference lead to a mass protest movement in China?
Session we teach

Migrants to Britain

What can government documents reveal about the experience of Indian seafarers?
Classroom resource

Native North Americans

What was early contact like between English colonists and Native Americans?
Classroom resource

Rebels in the records

What can we learn from documents that show how people ‘rebelled’ in the past?


Resources and case studies
Classroom resource

Significant People

Key Stage One Activity Book
Classroom resource

The Boxers of Whitechapel

What do the documents reveal about the inhabitants?
Classroom resource

The Independence of Bangladesh in 1971

What can British documents tell us about the creation of Bangladesh?

The Yellow Bicycle

A story of migration

TTTV: Refugee Week 2021

What can we learn from documents about Basque children’s experiences in refugee camps?
Classroom resource

Ugandan Asians

What was the impact of the expulsion from Uganda on the lives of British Asians?
Classroom resource

Walter Tull

How can we use sources to find out about him?
Classroom resource

Women and the English Civil Wars

How did these conflicts affect their lives?