We've worked with volunteers for over 20 years, enlisting help on a wide range of tasks, from paper cataloguing and conservation to more recent online collaborations.

Find out more about volunteering at The National Archives and how we ensure it is an engaging, consistent and well-rounded experience.

Our approach

We have a wealth of experience working with volunteers and have enlisted help on a wide range of tasks over the years, from cataloguing to conservation.

Why volunteer

Whether you have a passion for history, want to improve your knowledge and skills, or simply want to get involved in something worthwhile, volunteering at The National Archives can help you to achieve your aim.

Volunteering opportunities

The National Archives offers a combination of on site volunteering (at Kew), and remote and online collaboration projects.

Completed volunteering projects

Read about past volunteering projects that have been completed here.

Volunteer handbook

How much time you give in your volunteering capacity depends on you: your role, your project and your availability