Staff experiences

Volunteering benefits our staff as well as the organisation as a whole. Hear from some of our employees about their experiences working with different groups and individuals.

Amy Sampson – Associate Preventive Conservator, Collection Care

I’ve been working with volunteers at The National Archives for almost 18 years and it’s a part of my role that brings a great deal of enjoyment. It has also given me valuable experience leading and supporting teams of dedicated individuals to deliver a diverse range of projects.

Typically, Collection Care offers projects that are concerned with the materiality of The National Archives’ collections – everything from re-housing, to surveying, to digitisation and other support tasks for larger conservation projects.

At present, I am working with a team of six terrific volunteers to catalogue and digitise some 7700 seal moulds taken from wax seals, in order to make them accessible to all via Discovery, as the series PRO 23. I have met some wonderful people who have been enthusiastic, interested, funny, dedicated and a pleasure to work with.

The work of our volunteers has provided essential support to many projects and The National Archives has benefited from their energy and skills.