Annual volunteer survey

Each year we survey our volunteers to understand more about them, their skills and needs. This survey was live through November and December 2023 and received 64 responses, which is higher than the 37 received for the 2022 survey. The survey found that 97% of volunteers rated their overall experience as excellent or very good (this is unchanged since 2022).

Volunteers find the opportunity to improve their historical knowledge, meet new people, and feel part of a workplace beneficial. In terms of suggestions for how to improve the programme, volunteers would like more opportunities to get involved with other projects (36%), and more knowledge about how their project fits into wider work at TNA (30%). Volunteers feel less favourable about their supervisors than last year, with more neutrality instead. However, majorities still agree that their supervisors provide clear instructions; communicate clearly and effectively; recognise and reward their work; and provide the right amount of feedback.

Based on the findings of the survey, we are looking to maintain these high levels of satisfaction and will continue to focus on areas such as more opportunities to get involved with other projects; and providing more background on how the project a volunteer is working on feeds into the wider scheme of work.

See the results of the 2023 survey of our volunteers (PDF 0.6 MB)