Annual volunteer survey

Each year we survey our volunteers to understand more about them, their skills and needs.

The most recent survey, carried out in November 2021 with a participation rate of 45%, showed that 96% of volunteers rated their overall experience as excellent or very good (with more than 50% of volunteers rating their experience as excellent). This is an improvement on the results from 2019, which had an overall rating of 90% ‘very good or excellent’.

In particular, specific elements with particularly high satisfaction included the support provided by supervisors and the general interest/understanding of the projects being worked on. Key benefits gained from volunteering included improving historical knowledge, meeting new people and having a sense of being part of a community.

Based on the findings of the survey, we are looking to maintain these high levels of satisfaction and will continue to focus on areas such as increased flexibility in the timings of involvement, provision of suitable equipment and ease of access to the necessary computer files or systems. In addition, keeping in touch with the outcomes of projects, along with finding out opportunities to be involved in future projects were also areas that were highlighted from the survey to ensure maximum volunteer engagement and satisfaction going forward.