Dr James Barry: Map description

The map shows 12 red numbered points dotted across the world.

Point 1: 1789: Born in Cork

Point 2: 1809-12: Studies at Medical School of Edinburgh University

Point 3:

1812-13: Pupil of the United Hospitals of Guy’s and St Thomas’
July 1813: Commissioned as an army hospital assistant and stationed at military hospitals in Chelsea and Plymouth
1829-31: Returned to England owing to the illness of Sir Charles Somerset, who died in 1831
1859: Returned from Canada to England to retire in London until his death in 1865

Point 4: 1817-28: Posted to Cape Colony, South Africa

Point 5: 1828-1829: Posted to Mauritius

Point 6: 1831-36: Posted to Jamaica

Point 7: 1836: Posted to Saint Helena

Point 8: Posted to the Windward and Leeward Islands

Point 9: 1837: Posted to Antigua

Point 10: 1838: Posted to Barbados

Point 11: Posted to Trinidad

Point 12: 1846-51: Posted to Malta

Point 13: 1851-57: Posted to Corfu

Point 14: 1857-59: Posted to the Province of Canada