Source 5

A third extract from a document entitled ‘Memorandum of the Services of Dr James Barry Inspector General of Hospitals’. This was written by Dr Barry at the end of his career after serving in Canada when he returned to London in 1859, although the date stamp on the document is not clear. Catalogue ref: WO 138/1 




On each change of station, I was put to an immense personal outlay, the climates of each being of such different temperatures. Each move entailed a sacrifice of property then in my possession and an outlay to procure that required for the service in prospect. I am now prepared to serve Her Majesty in any quarter of the Globe to which I may be sent and am now loath to close a career which impartially may be deemed to have been useful and faithful one without some special mark of Her Majesty’s favour. 


James Barry M.D. 

Inspector General 


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  • Refer to the ‘Background’ notes to check on the locations where Dr Barry served during his career. 
  • What difficulties did Dr Barry have to overcome with his different postings abroad? 
  • Can you think of any difficulties not mentioned in the source? 
  • What does this personal statement infer about his character/personality? 
  • What does this extract suggest about how Dr Barry felt about his work and career? 
  • Can you work out Dr Barry’s age at this time? [Use the Background, Sources 1 & 5 to help].