Civil War People

The five videos in this series called ‘Civil War People’ have been updated to a greater quality from our focussed topic website English Civil War.

View our videos to find out how a Bishop, Puritan, Scotsman, Irishman or King Charles I himself possibly viewed the prospect of civil war in 1642. Their words help to provide information which supports the document activities. Look at the videos first!

Then, explore a specific linked document activity for each character.

Try and read the original document.

Each document is provided with background information, questions, a transcript and a simplified transcript to help.

Please note that the document used in each activity can also be seen in the topic website English Civil War alongside other documents so you can expand your studies!

Connection to Curriculum:

Key stage 3: The National Curriculum: The causes and events of the civil wars throughout Britain

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An image from our collection - image library reference KB 27/1681/2. It is an illuminated initial membrane with portrait of Charles the first.

Charles I ruled his kingdom without calling Parliament from 1629-40.

Charles I was ruler of England, Scotland and Ireland.

In the 1500s England and Scotland had broken away from the Roman Catholic Church and become Protestant countries.

Some of Charles I’s loudest critics were the Puritans.

In 1633 Charles appointed William Laud as Archbishop of Canterbury.