Stage 4: Maintain digital continuity


This section explains the ongoing process of embedding digital continuity in your organisation’s business processes and strategies in a way that maintains the usability of your information.

Read more information about Stage 4:

Stage 4: Maintain digital continuity (PDF, 0.09Mb)

Read our hands-on guidance for Stage 4:

Embedding digital continuity in information management

This guidance explains how you can maintain digital continuity through good management of information, and ensure these actions are supported at a senior level.

Embedding Digital Continuity in Information Management (PDF, 0.18Mb)

Incorporating digital continuity into your IT strategy

This guidance will help you to understand the principles to follow when including digital continuity in the planning and development of your IT infrastructure.

Incorporating Digital Continuity into your IT Strategy (PDF, 0.10Mb)

Embedding digital continuity in your IT environment

This guidance will help you to embed digital continuity thinking into your organisation’s IT operational management.

Embedding Digital Continuity in your IT Environment (PDF, 0.10Mb)

Change guidance

Our change guidance below helps those responsible for implementing digital continuity across their organisations to manage and protect their digital continuity through change, to ensure business-critical information remains usable.

Change Management for Digital Continuity SROs (PDF, 0.19Mb)

Digital Continuity for Change Managers (PDF, 0.17Mb)

Migrating information between EDRMS

Our guidance below will help you maintain continuity when migrating information between Electronic Document and Record Management Systems (EDRMS).

Migrating Information Between EDRMS (PDF, 0.20Mb)

EDRMS Migration Project Checklist (PDF, 0.09Mb)

Evaluating your file formats

The guidance below will help you to evaluate your file formats from a digital continuity perspective and employ strategies to maintain the continuity of your digital information. A Guide to Formats is an addendum to the first document, presenting factual information about selected existing file formats and focussing on the digital continuity risks associated with them.

Evaluating Your File Formats (PDF, 0.34Mb)

A Guide to Formats (PDF, 0.90Mb)

Managing the continuity of datasets

This guidance follows the four stages of managing digital continuity and applies them specifically to the management of a dataset.

Managing the Continuity of Datasets (PDF, 0.38Mb)