Stage 2: Define your digital continuity requirements


This involves understanding your information, its business value and the nature of the technical and information environment that supports it.

Read more information about Stage 2:

Stage 2: Define your digital continuity requirements (PDF, 0.14Mb)

These two pieces of guidance will help you to define your digital continuity requirements:

Identify information assets and business requirements

This guidance will help you understand the information your organisation holds and how it needs to be used to support your business. It will also help you to document the relationship between your information assets and their business requirements, including how to record that information in an Information Asset Register (IAR).

Identify Information Assets and Business Requirements (PDF, 0.26Mb)

Information Asset Register template (XLS, 0.06Mb)

Mapping the technical dependencies of information assets

The guidance above helps your organisation to identify its information assets and business needs. This guidance will help you to take the next step in Stage 2 of managing digital continuity: mapping these assets to their technical dependencies.

It will help you understand how your technical environment and the way you manage your information assets support your business needs and to understand the risks to your digital continuity.

Mapping the Technical Dependencies of Information Assets (PDF, 0.26Mb)

See our factsheets below for more information on key terms such as information assets, Information Asset Registers (IARs) and Configuration Management Databases (CMDB).

Information assets factsheet (PDF, 0.06Mb)

IAR factsheet (PDF, 0.06Mb)

Configuration management factsheet (PDF, 0.05Mb)

Digital continuity in ICT services procurement and contracts

This guidance provides you with practical information and support to help you maintain the digital continuity of your information when updating ICT services contracts or creating new ones, as well how Information Asset Registers can help you.

Digital Continuity in ICT Services Procurement and Contract Management (PDF, 0.14Mb)