‘get potatoes for sowing’

Petition from the parish of Llandyssil from able bodied labourers wanting to buy seed potatoes for their poor to live on and clothes for their poor children. 26 April 1842, Catalogue ref:  MH12/15949

Poor Law Union: Newcastle-in-Emlyn

Union counties: Carmarthenshire



We, the undersigned being Guardians of the Poor [Overseers] of the Poor and other parishioners of the said Parish of Llandyssil, Humbly beg to state that many poor persons belonging to our Parish are unable to get potatoes for sowing in this spring, and as the poor [depend] so much on potatoes in the course of the year, we consider it a great loss for us, if no arrangement shall be made towards them.  And we further beg to call your consideration to the poor children, (according to the custom in this country) who are employed in herding cattle from this time November 1st, All Saints Day). Those who are destitute [lacking] of clothes, the farmers consider them unable to follow their cattle on this hilly part. And there are many poor children in our parish, able and willing to go out to service, but the want of clothes keeps them from being employed. Indeed, some in the [hope] of garments from the Union are taken to service, the refusal of which must cause them to be sent back again to their already too distressed parents. Under the present circumstances we most humbly beg you will permit our Board to grant a small relief to our paupers, that they may obtain a sufficiently quantity of potatoes for sowing, and to enable the poor children to get clothes, that they may be able to gain at least their sufficient of food.

By your granting the above Petition you will keep many poor families from the Workhouse, and save a far larger amount of the expenses of our Parish before this twelve months’ time. Your Petitioners beg you will have the kindness to consider the above Petitions immediately as the paupers must have the potatoes [before] the sowing time is over. We, are Gentlemen for the distressed persons as well as for ourselves…

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