‘hard to be parted’

A letter asking the Poor Law Commissioners how old a man and a wife had to be before they were allowed to be together in the workhouse, December 1863, Catalogue ref: MH12/9161

Poor Law Union: Tynemouth

Union counties: Northumberland


To the Honourable, Poor Law Commissioners, Tynemouth

Dear Sirs, I hope you will pardon me for thus intruding, my reason for so doing is to be informed by you how old a man and his wife must be before they are allowed to be together here according to the Law, for we think it rather hard to be parted now when we are getting old.  My age is 64 that of my wife is 57, I have applied to the Guardians here but they appear not to understand the Law. I have enclosed a copy of my last note addressed to them without receiving any satisfactory answer.

I therefore, humbly pray you will favour me with your instructions and answer, in so doing, you will much oblige your humble and obedient servant,

George Forster, Tynemouth Workhouse, North Shields, Northumberland

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