British Muslim views

Letter from A A Quillam about Muslim loyalty, 1914 (catalogue reference FO 371/2173)

This resolution, signed by A Ahmed Quillam, solicitor, resident in Liverpool, is dated 29 August 1914. It summarises the British Muslim view of German propaganda intended to shake Muslim loyalty to Britain and expresses Muslims’ confidence in British rule and their steadfast loyalty to Britain.

Transcript (highlighted passage)

… Our Holy Faith enjoins upon us to be loyal to whatever country under whose protection we reside and recognizing the religious liberty, equity and justice accorded by England to the Mussulmans who dwell under the flag, we feel confident that our brethren throughout the British Empire will decline to listen to the wicked behests of Germany and refuse to be made the tools of a selfish, brutal, and unprincipled nation which disregards treaties even though signed by itself and has plunged Europe into a bloody strife…

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