The first arrivals

Letter from the British Foreign Office to the Netherlands Legation, 29 November 1938 (FO 371/22538)

29th November, 1938.

W 15742/104/98

Dear Teixeira,

This is to confirm what I told you on the telephone this afternoon about 200 refugee children from Germany who will be passing through Holland on December 1st on their way to this country.
The Inter-Aid Committee are unable to state the exact number of children and can only say that there will be about 200. The children will be accompanied by eight adults:

Dora Magnus
Rafael Plant
Dr. Max Plaut
Marie Picard
Dr. E. Lyon
Dr. L. Valk
Irma Missauer
Irma Zanker

The party will arrive in two special coaches, one from Berlin, the other from Hamburg, at Bentheim at 3.59 p.m. on Thursday, December 1st and will be travelling…

Jonkheer E. Teixeira de Mattos
Netherlands Legation

travelling straight through to catch the night boat from the Hook of Holland.

Yours sincerely

[signed]   R. M. Makins

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